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From what has happened thus far. If you are misinformed on what has occurred in the Craftendoverse so far, please ask Ice, as there is no complete page up yet. Thank you and begin Roleplaying.

Please do not interrupt the RPing session with anything off topic to the actual RP.

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Ice: No problemo...

Ice: I wonder what Indigo is up to? He's been acting really weird lately... I'm kinda worried for him. I'm gonna visit him at Siren

  • Walks to SIREN*

Ice: Hello? Indigo???

Indigo:  Yes?  Is this the King?


Ice: Persisely. Now Indigo, why have you been acting strange lately... I'm starting to think that you're keeping something from me...?

Indigo: What?  No, no.  I'd never keep anything from the king, from you...why do you think I'd do that?  I've changed, King, I've seen the wrong in my old ways.


Ice: Now I never once accused you of doing anything... did you just tell me what you're planning on doing?? Going back to your old ways??

Nah, I'm starting to sound like my brother! Ho ho. Have a good day Indigo...

Indigo: Goodbye, King...


AUGUST 6th 2116


NEWS REPORTER: Sirens are going off all over Craftendia today, and there are people saying the end of the world is near, due to a strange face containing large hands and tentacles, lurking in the air. Many have pointed out the resemblances it bares with a certain face seen long ago in the old Craftendia. People screaming "ST0RM IS BACK!!!". Well we have a few people we wanted to interview today, several older citizens of Craftendia.

First we have Indigo, owner of SIREN.

Indigo, what do you think of the large green face lurking in the sky?

"It looks stupid. We can beat it."

And now we have Luke, owner of GDL and former SIREN employee.

Luke, do you think this face could do any harm?

"Not if we shoot a missile at it"

Rainbow Corp owner, Doodle, has a very interesting outlook on what it will do

Doodle, what do you personally think the green face will do?

"succ the big d"

And finally, we have one last interview with Griffin.

Griffin, do you think the end is near?

"Yes. And I know for a damn fact that everyone is going to be scrambling to get into my bunker, after the 24 hours is up. It will kill everything, I've witnessed it do it once, it will most certainly do it again."

End of the world or not, we can only hope our military will do something. Our king plans on making a speech about this green thing in the sky, to hopefully calm down the citizens of Craftendia. That's it for today, have a nice day Craftendia.

(is this ever gonna be continued)


(are YOU gonna stay in the Nutshack)


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