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Rainbow Corp AMA

Are you tired of shady companies like SIREN and ST0RM fucking up your day?

Are you ready for a company that provides the best in tech on the Craftendo server?

Are you ready for a company that will provide you with great jobs for more money?

Well then, get ready for Rainbow Corp!

This is an official AMA for Rainbow Corp! Ask us anything you want!

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Why are you selling a furnace for more than a beacon?  


It's called a disk drive. And while beacons are more of luxury items, the other item is needed for a specific task.

I crafted one of your "disk drives" at base using 8 cobblestone.  How do you feel about that?

filing a lawsuit right now

oh no i better go into hiding,,,,

I also must mention that I like that you're selling command blocks for high prices even though you can get them for free at the structure that's very conveniently (for you) right next to both of our bases.  No wonder wants to join your company, you're an outrageous scammer.

at least i don't smuggle weapons you crook

What inspired you to make such a boring company anyway?  

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